Quality Assurance

Our products are made from the very best of materials.  Metal components are either galvanized with zinc or painted with powder coating, both processes to a high standard.

To ensure that our units will stand up to the harsh conditions across all parts of Australia many of
our various units are tested over years.

Our Testing Facility:

The images below show the condition of our products after being out in all sorts of weather from cold icy frosts, baking sun, and cyclonic rains These units have been outside for up to eight years and as you can see they look as good as new.

test3 test1 test2

test4 bin1 t3

Our Preparation Process :

All our steel products are blasted to the white metal stage then either hot dipped
galvanized or coated with a rich zinc primer then finished with polyster powdercoating
and cured under intense heat The timbers are either treated hardwood or imported
camphor wood or HDPE polyethylene plastic wood . The timber slats are cut, polished,
primed, painted and coated with a final protection coat.


Detailed lnspection :

Our progressive inspection system at all stages ensures that a!! products are finished to a 5
star standard.

image4 image3 image2 image1


  • Quality Assurance

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